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Bauerfeind Viscospot Heel Cushion

Bauerfeind Viscospot Heel Cushion

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Ideal for mild heel pain, mild achilles pain and sensitive heels.

Treating heel spurs, sore heels or just aches in the heel is easier than ever with the ViscoSpot Heel Cushion. Available in two different sizes, it slips right into your shoe for exercise, work or just daily life, free from heel pain.

The pad itself uses a special three-density design that allows for varied cushioning and support in the heel. First is centre pad, a soft density that cushions the heel and redistributes force across the rest of the heel, while the middle pad works to soothe the surrounding tissue. On top of this, the outer cushion works to guide the heel to make sure each step is protected from pain.



  1. The white zone - is particularly soft to achieve targeted pressure relief in the problem area - in cases of heel spurs, for example.
  2. The slightly firmer blue zone - relieves both the start and continuation of the inflamed plantar fascia and tissue structure.
  3. PowerWave® - The wave-like contouring ensures a smooth transition between the individual zones. This reduces pressure at the edges and makes it more comfortable to wear.
  4. The firm gray zone - provides the hindfoot with the necessary support when you take a step.

Ideal for:

  • Anatomically contoured for a secure fit and freedom of movement
  • Pressure is evenly distributed
  • Excellent wearing comfort
  • Gentle on skin
  • More advanced than a regular gel heel cushion
How To Achieve The Perfect Fit
Step 1

Sizing for this heel cushion is based on your European shoe size.

Step 2

The ViscoSpot Heel Cushion should slip easily into your shoe. All Bauerfeind inserts have a 1 year warranty.

Step 3

Products should feel snug and firm but not constrictive.

Shipping Rates:

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5KG Or More $25
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