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About Us

Aesthetics Healthcare Provides Life Enhancing Mobility Solutions

Aesthetics Healthcare exists to provide every individual access to quality healthcare equipment that meets their needs while setting a new standard for what it should look and function like. Our health and mobility products are inclusive, innovative, and finely crafted to empower our customers and help them regain their independence.

We deliver high-quality and visually stunning healthcare equipment and mobility products to our patients; and we ensure that every individual we help has an outstanding customer experience from initial contact to delivery. Moreover, our bespoke healthcare equipment options include a wide array of disability care equipment that can be tailored to individual needs. It's with this level of commitment to customer care that we can improve the quality of life of those we serve.

Our unrivaled dedication to providing quality crafted healthcare equipment is shown in every component that we source. Built with the utmost attention to detail, our mobility products are visually appealing components and innovative functionalities.

Proper accessibility in today's world is crucial to one's well being, and we offer fast delivery and proactive service to our customers. By doing so, we can ensure our customers receive the utmost empathy and care while ensuring their needs are met throughout their healthcare journey.

Aesthetics Healthcare operates with the belief that everyone deserves self-sufficiency through life enhancing mobility solutions and we're proud to play a role in enriching and improving one’s quality of life.

Our Founder

Meet Michael Ranger, a seasoned Occupational Therapist and founder of Aesthetics Healthcare. With a Masters degree in Occupational therapy from Perth at Curtin University,  Michael has over 12 years of experience working in Occupational Therapy. Throughout his career, Michael has worked in various healthcare settings in Australia and the United Kingdom, including the NHS and private healthcare sector. 

Michael prides himself on offering disability care equipment that is based on client feedback, further shaping his healthcare equipment and contributing to the needs of his customer base. Furthermore, his commitment to aesthetics inspires him to source the most aesthetically pleasing and innovative equipment while never compromising quality or functionality.

Michael envisions a world that allows greater access to the most innovative, high-quality, and aesthetically-pleasing mobility products. Offering a mobile showroom in Sydney and selling medical equipment across Australia, his favourite part of working with his clients is giving them the best equipment available and seeing them feel amazing using the product.

Michael's passion and commitment to offering the best equipment on the market have been the driving force behind Aesthetics Healthcare. He takes your satisfaction to heart and is devoted to providing excellent mobility equipment and a fantastic customer experience.

Michael Ranger

Director/Occupational Therapist
Aesthetics Healthcare
1300 AE CARE (232273)