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Vicair AllRounder 02 Activity Cushion

Vicair AllRounder 02 Activity Cushion

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The Vicair AllRounder 02 Activity Cushion has been designed to strap to your body, for situations outside of the wheelchair and provides a moderate level of skin protection for those at risk of developing pressure injuries. Vicair AllRounder 02 consists of 5 individual compartments, designed to contour to under loading with each compartment designed to influence a specific area of the pelvis. As it is easily buckled onto your body, it follows you around wherever you go.

The AllRounder 02 Activity Cushion’s standard filling is ready to use out of the box and will suit most users who may play and or sit on the ground or who may be undertaking sports outside of their wheelchair. There are 3 size options available; small, medium and large, and has a max user weight of 100kg. Like most of the Vicair range, the AllRounder 02 is 100% machine washable as well as being completely breathable for optimal hygiene, perfect temperature control and moisture regulation, resulting in optimal protection against skin breakdown.


  • Small: < 38cm
  • Medium: 38cm width – 42.5cm depth
  • Large: 43cm width – 48cm depth
Height n.a.
Average weight 800 grams
Max. user weight 100 kg
Ready for use Yes
Available sizes 3
Machine washable Yes. Max. 60°C
Drying time Air dry 5 to 6 hours
Latex free Yes


Choosing The Right Size

The activity cushion Vicair AllRounder O2 is available in three sizes: small, medium and large and has an average weight of only 800 grams.

Measure the width of your hips to check which size matches the size of your body. When seated, hold a tape measure horizontally above the widest point of your upper legs, closely against the front of your hips. Do not follow your leg contours, keep the tape measure straight. Measure from A to B (or B to A). Choose the larger size if the measured size is in between two sizes.

  • Small: < 38cm
  • Medium: 38cm width – 42.5cm depth
  • Large: 43cm width – 48cm depth

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