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TheraBand Resistance Exercise Bands

TheraBand Resistance Exercise Bands

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  • Dispenser Pack - 30 individually wrapped 1.5 metre latex bands in a single colour. Each band includes safety instructions and UPC code.
  • A superior band product for resistance training and rehabilitation, provides both positive and negative force on muscles and joints, stretches tones and conditions all major muscle groups
  • Improves strength, range of motion and flexibility in a simple to use, portable product that works in the clinic, the gym, at home or on the road
  • Colour-coded Progressive Resistance system allows users to recognise improvement as it happens, as you grow stronger you can move up to the next colour
  • Highest quality natural rubber latex resistance bands are recognised as the original system of progressive resistance for over 25 years
  • The new TheraBand™ Resistance Band Dispenser Packs allow healthcare professionals to convert the bands they distribute from an expense item to a revenue stream.
  • Providing pre-wrapped bands to individuals helps limit cross-contamination between sick patients who otherwise would be sharing equipment.
  • ARTG Number: 286778

*Caution: These products contain natural rubber latex which may cause allergic reactions.

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