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Bauerfeind Sports Ankle Support

Bauerfeind Sports Ankle Support

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Ideal for mild sprains and swelling during high activity periods.

The Sports Ankle Support provides stability to the ankle joint during intense activity, protecting against sprains and lateral twists.

The Sports Ankle Support features a breathable knitted fabric, consisting of ventilation zones, which allows for heat and sweat dissipation during exercise. Gradient compression is also engineered into the fabric to support muscle activity and assist with blood flow to the ankle joint, helping to reduce any swelling.

Similar to the MalleoTrain S ankle brace, the adjustable strap system featured in the Sports Ankle Support minimises the risk of sprains under increased stress. Ideal for athletes and individuals engaging in jumping activity and sports with start-stop situations.

We recommend using theMalleoTrain S orMalleoTrain Plusif you have an injury or existing ankle pain and the Sports Ankle Support if you are looking for prevention and stability without an existing injury.


  1. Faster muscle control
  2. Stays in place during movement
  3. Light and breathable
  4. Intermittent compression provides stimulation
  5. Reliable stabilization under high loads
  6. More durable than a tape bandage

sports ankle support

Treatment of:

  • Ankle sprains and mild swelling

How To Achieve The Perfect Fit

Step 1

Measure the circumference of your ankle at its narrowest point.

Step 2

Sports ankle support should feel snug and firm but not constrictive.

All Bauerfeind ankle braces have a 1 year warranty.

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