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Bauerfeind NBA Sports Compression Knee Support

Bauerfeind NBA Sports Compression Knee Support

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For moderate joint support and more confidence on and off the court. Achieve breakthrough performance with the NBA Sports Compression Knee Support.

Bauerfeind NBA Sports Compression Knee Support is the only officially licensed knee brace series from the NBA worldwide. The Brace is worn and exclusively authorised to play “On Court” by the athletes of the NBA.

Bauerfeind’s NBA Compression Knee Support is designed to help boost performance in sports and activity, getting the most out of the muscles in your knees for unparalleled output and helping you perform at your best.

The NBA Compression Knee Support features medical grade compression technology and is everything neoprene is not - lightweight, breathable and anatomically-contoured for a perfect fit. The compression increases the supply of oxygen to the working muscles of the knee. This increased oxygen supply helps to improve muscle endurance and decrease muscle fatigue after exercise. The controlled compression improves the knee’s ability to maintain maximum movement stability during sporting activities.

An ultra breathable moisture-wicking weave that vents heat and moves with your knee through every movement as well as the gripping zones to keep it in place means it's perfect for any level of activity.

Partnered with NBATA: The National Basketball Athletic Trainers Association has worked in partnership with Bauerfeind to support their best athletes since 2003. Together these two organizations are dedicated to providing the best sports medical care solutions for professional basketball athletes.

An Officially Licensed Knee Support of the NBA: With the new Bauerfeind Sports Compression Knee Support NBA we now offer a premium basketball support to keep both professional and amateur basketball players and athletes playing at the top of their game. Coming in black and white, as well as 6 team versions with the NBA logo you can be sure to represent the best players in basketball and trust that your knee is supported for breakthrough performance.

Ideal for sports involving rapid start and stop motions including basketball, netball, volleyball, squash etc 

This product is not suitable for knee injuries stand alone and should be complimented with a more suitable product. For any injured knees please refer to our Train Line of products that can be found here.

Please note this item is sold as single unit (does not come as a pair).

* Bulls, Celtics, Mavericks, Knicks are special order items and will have a 10 - 15 day delivery time.  


  1. Breathable Knit: Lightweight material wicks moisture away to keep the skin comfortably cool.
  2. Functional Zones: Targeted compression for maximum performance.
  3. Comfort Zones: On the knee cap and sensitive area at the back of the knee.
  4. Gripping Zones: Built for athletes on the move with two silicone dotted bands to keep the support in place even during fast breaks.
  5. Durable and Washable: Built to last.

*Box contains one product (not a pair)

How To Achieve The Perfect Fit

Step 1

With your knee slightly bent, take the measurement slightly below the knee cap.

Step 2

The Sports Compression Knee Support NBA should feel snug and firm but not constrictive.

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