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Invacare Softform Premier Mattress with SRT

Invacare Softform Premier Mattress with SRT

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When it comes to taking comfort and pressure reduction levels to a new stage, the name Softform Premier must be in our mind. This is a mattress with a number of high specifications, fully designed to be part of a modern demanding environment. The 'Strikethrough Resistant Technology' cover has been designed to manage the clinical impact in relation to pressure care, infection control with regards to risk of cross infection and financial impact, including time and resource management.

It is a mattress made up of several overlapping layers, making this mattress extremely resistant. It also has the characteristics of every mattress of the Invacare family, such as its cover made of polyurethane fabric that creates a layer that reduces the entry of any fluid to the mattress, and at the same time significantly reduces the friction between the patient and the mattress, preventing damage from ulcers or abrasions.

It is a mattress focused on comfort and duration, which allows it to withstand much more weight than the others (up to 246.7kg in weight). Best of all, it does not need to be rotated or rotated to maintain its shape, which minimizes its manipulation by clinical staff. That is why the Softform Premier is one of the mattresses that combines excellent durability, with incredible patient comfort.

Castellated foam insterts
The unique contoured insert pad provides excellent patient comfort and optimises pressure reduction.

U-Core Design
Facilitates patients transfer by providing effective side-wall support.

Modular Design
Enables easy replacement of all parts, increasing the products longevity.

Polyurethane stretch cover
Two-way stretch, vapour-permeable and waterproof polyurethane cover with high frequency welded seams and a full length flap concealing the zip.


  • It comes in three sizes according to how it will be used: Single size: 750 - 900 mm. Double size: 1100 - 1370 mm and King size: 1370 - 1525 mm, all with a thickness of 152mm.
  • Despite being a large mattress, its total product weight does not usually exceed 14kg, allowing if it should be moved or handled, it is done without much effort.
  • Polyurethane coverage that prevents the passage of liquid into the internal part of the mattress and at the same time, the friction of the cloth with the patient's skin.
  • The top surface of the mattress tapers down at the ends to relieve pressure on the heels, which are particularly vulnerable to pressure ulcers.
  • The full length flap protects the zip. This reduces the possible risk of fluid ingress, preventing contamination of the foam core.

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