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Invacare CS8 Hospital Bed

Invacare CS8 Hospital Bed

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The Invacare CS8 bed is an electrically actuated floor line care bed with a range of functions and positional movements that assist caregivers and provide for patient comfort.Ease of
use, functionality, serviceability and cleaning practicality are key features of the bed.

The bed has a fabricated steel structure with a powder coated finish. The plastic components are made from urethane, PP, POM, nylon and ABS plastic.
Clinical Applications and Area of Use:
The bed is appropriate for adult patient care under supervised medical monitoring and provides support with various positioning options.


Basic Dimensions

Overall length  211.0cm
Overall length(base extension extended)  230.5cm
Overall width  92.0cm
Overall width(rails fitted)  100.0cm
Mattress surface length(between panels)  199.5cm
Bed platform height range  15.0cm to 68.0cm
Back rest angle adjustment  0 to 65 degree
Knee bend angle adjustment  0 to 35 degree
Trendelenberg tilt adjustment(head and foot down)  0 to 14 degree

Mattress size

Recommended Mattress size  Width = 86.0cm, Lenght = 198.0cm 
Maximum mattress depth(when side rails in use)  17.0cm
Minimum mattress depth(when side rails in use)  10.0cm

Bed weight and safe working load

Without side rails 119kg(approx)
With side rails 138kg(approx)
Safe working load  250kg

Shipping Rates:
 Weight Rates
Upto 5KG $15
5KG Or More $25
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