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Invacare Action 3NG Self Propelling Wheelchair

Invacare Action 3NG Self Propelling Wheelchair

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The Invacare Action 3NG manual wheelchair is a sleek and stylish chair for everyday use. A highly versatile design enabling the wheelchair to be as modified as you need according to your functional and clinical requirements.

With a vast range of options and accessories available that are both quick and easy to reconfigure, the Action 3NG can easily be transformed from a more active set up to a more supportive set up if required. The perfect model for refurbishment and re-issuing with its cross compatible options and accessories that can be seen across the Action family and other Invacare product categories - Power Mobility, Rea Family, Active, Seating and Positioning and Alber.

Ideal for use at home or outdoors with great manoeuvrability from its multiple rear wheel positions and outstanding drive performance from its lightweight aluminum frame and new lightweight options. Making this manual chair easy to store and transport.

This versatile model can also be customised according to your personal taste with a choice of 8 vibrant frame colours. In combination with the sleek and modern black features that now come as standard across the Action range, including black nylon/mesh backrest upholstery and black front and rear wheels, the Action 3NG delivers on both functionality and aesthetics.

Along with the ability to fully adjust the configuration of the Action 3NG, it is also available in 6 standard configurations to make the ordering process as simple and easy to use as possible.

Self-Propel – Suitable for individuals with some upper body strength and have the capacity to propel themselves or occasionally self-propel.

The suitability to each model above is a very brief guide to give an understanding of how diverse the Action 3NG can be and not limited to the information provided. Your Retailer or Service Provider can offer more information on suitability according to individual needs.


Transit – Suitable for individuals who require an attendant for support during your time in the wheelchair. 

Dual Handrim  – Suitable for individuals for who predominantly have use of one side of their upper body. 

Compact – Suitable for smaller individuals who may require lower seat to ground heights, shorter legrests etc.

Comfort – Suitable for individuals who require more supportive seating and positioning. 

Light – Suitable for people who would benefit from a lighter wheelchair.

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