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Immedia Support Belt

Immedia Support Belt

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The ingenious Immedia SupportBelt with diagonally placed handles offers support and assistance to carers and patients during transfers between beds, wheelchairs and chairs. The SupportBelt is also a useful support aid that can be used to assist a user with limited mobility when sitting or standing, or as a general walking and exercise aid.

The diagonally placed handles on either side of the belt enable the caregiver to maintain a more natural and ergonomic grip, minimising the risk of strain. Available in five sizes and featuring an adjustable belt buckle, the belt provides a helpful aid to carers who require a more convenient method of transferring patients between surfaces. The inner material of the belt is non-slip to ensure the belt remains in place without slipping or sliding.

The Immedia SupportBelt is available in five sizes. Please refer to the product specifications to ensure the correct size is selected from the drop-down menu when ordering.


  • Ideal for supporting patients with mobility issues
  • Offer support and assistance during mobilisation and transfers
  • Diagonally placed handles allow for a more ergonomic grip
  • Non-slip material on the interior to ensure a firm grip
  • Polyethylene along interior and exterior, repelling water and other liquids
  • Adjustable belt buckle for personalised fit
  • Available in five sizes
  • Maximum user weight: 150 kg


Item Product Code Length (mm) Width (mm) Recommended for waist size (cm)
SupportBelt XXS IM8009009 900 90 45-90
SupportBelt S IM8010513 1050 130 60-105
SupportBelt M IM8013013 1300 130 85-130
SupportBelt L IM8015013 1500 130 110-150
SupportBelt XL IM8017015 1700 1700 145-170
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5KG Or More $25
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