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Etac Socky Stocking Aids

Etac Socky Stocking Aids

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The Etac Socky Stocking Aids are a range of dressing aids to assist those with restricted hand strength or mobility when putting on socks, stockings or tights by reducing the need to bend.

Socky Stocking Aid, Short: Socky short stocking aid is small and foldable for easy transportation. The narrow front in combination with the pre-folded nylon fabric makes it easy to pull the sock onto the stocking aid.

Socky Stocking Aid, Long: Socky long has a narrow front in combination with a pre-folded nylon fabric that makes it easy to pull up the sock. Additionally, it comes equipped with a handle for added grip and a plastic sheet to ensure the sock or stocking stays in place.

Socky Compression Stocking Aid: The Socky Compression Stocking Aid is specially designed specifically for Compression garments and consists of two nylon fabric sections that connect with Velcro.

The stocking or sock is placed over the Socky Stocking Aid and pulled up the leg through the use of ties to the stocking. The sleeve of the Etac Socky Stocking Aid is lightweight and compact for easy transport in a handbag or pocket. Each Socky Stocking Aid comes with an application guide. Please make a selection from the drop-down menu above when ordering.


  • Dressing Aid for socks and stockings
  • Compact and lightweight
  • Reduce the need to bend
  • Designed for straightforward use with the user in mind
  • Fitted with handle(s) to pull the device up
  • Hand wash at maximum 40°C


  • ARTG Number: 176280
  • Australian Standards: EN 12182
  • Warranty: 5 years

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