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Etac Light Thin Handle Cutlery

Etac Light Thin Handle Cutlery

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Etac Light Thin Handle Cutlery is a range of lightweight adapted cutlery specially designed for those with limited muscle strength. This cutlery range has a long thin handle to support a comfortable grip in the hollow between the thumb and index finger, for users who need support for their hands and forearms when they eat, and who usually use cutlery in the pencil grip.

With the long handles, the cutlery doesn’t need to be lifted as high as it does with standard cutlery with shorter handles. This makes mealtimes easier for those with limited strength or hand mobility. The underside of the handles on this cutlery is softly rounded to avoid uncomfortable edges or pressure points. Additionally, the knife has a sharp curved blade to aid with cutting and the spoon has a deep bowl to reduce spillage.

The stainless steel and black design mean that Etac Light Cutlery looks good in any kitchen or dining room as well as a practical mobility aid. The Etac Light Thin Handle Cutlery is available as a Fork, Spoon, Knife and Dessert Spoon. Each utensil is sold separately. Please make a selection from the drop-down menu above when ordering.

All products in the Etac Light range of cutlery are designed to be lightweight and gentle on the joints while relieving strain on the fingers. The Cutlery is dishwasher safe for easy cleaning.


  • Lightweight cutlery with a long thin handle
  • Requires minimal movement to use
  • Reduces the need to lift the arm
  • Minimum strength and effort required
  • Available as a Fork, Spoon, Knife and Dessert Spoon.
  • Dishwasher safe


  • ARTG Number: 176280
  • Australian Standards: EN 12182
  • Warranty: 5 years


Fork 21 cm  24 g 
Spoon 21 cm  34 g 
Knife 22 cm 21 g 
Dessert spoon 20 cm  26 g 

Shipping Rates:

 Weight Rates
Upto 5KG $15
5KG Or More $25


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