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Etac Cut Cutting Board

Etac Cut Cutting Board

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The Etac Cut Cutting Board is a lightweight preparation aid for the kitchen, ideal for those with tremors or impaired sight.

The cutting board not only simplifies a wide range of cutting tasks, it also makes cutting these items far safer for the user. The knife sits between the two sides of the safety guide, which keeps the cutting action straight even for those who suffer from tremors and other similar conditions. The slice thickness is very easily controlled using an adjuster bar on the cutting board.


  • High-quality and versatile kitchen aid
  • Simplifies a wide range of cutting tasks
  • Use of built-in guides reduces the risk of an accident
  • Allows controlled straight cutting of food items
  • Ideal for those with a tremor or impaired sight
  • Dishwasher safe


  • ARTG Number: 176280
  • Australian Standards: EN 12182
  • Warranty: 5 years


  • Cutting board length: 35cm
  • Cutting board width: 14cm
  • Cutting board height: 15cm
  • Cutting board weight: 415g

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