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Etac Beauty Comb

Etac Beauty Comb

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The Etac Beauty Comb is an ideal aid for those with limited reach to independently comb their hair. The curved handle allows for the best comfort and control, aiding the user to reach the back or top of their head without putting undue stress on their hand, arm, or shoulder.

Available in two lengths. The lightweight brush is curved to follow the shape of the head, allowing the handle to be held close to the body for maximum comfort and control. The shorter length is recommended for users who can reach up to the ear without strain or discomfort. The longer comb is recommended for users who can only reach the shoulder.


  • Ergonomically designed comb
  • Lightweight with a long handle to reduce strain on the neck, shoulders and arm
  • Comfortable non-slip handle for arthritic hands to grip
  • Available in two lengths (sold individually)


  • ARTG Number: 176279
  • Australian Standards: EN 12182
  • Warranty: 5 years

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