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Cura1 SafeTime Wheelchair / Chair Pad

Cura1 SafeTime Wheelchair / Chair Pad

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Cura1 SafeTime Wheelchair / Chair Pad

The Cura1 SafeTime Wheelchair/Chair Pad is an innovative solution for ensuring the safety of patients in chairs or wheelchairs. Equipped with an internal electronic clock, this pad times the life of its usage when connected to a Standard Falls Monitor with SafeTime. This helps caregivers keep track of when it's time to replace the pad, ensuring optimal safety at all times. Designed to be positioned on a chair or wheelchair, this pad works in tandem with a monitor that sounds an alarm when the patient attempts to get out of their chair or wheelchair.

The monitor also auto resets when the patient is back in bed, adding to the ease of use for caregivers. With the added safety feature of an alarm that sounds when the pad expires, the Cura1 SafeTime Wheelchair/Chair Pad helps caregivers ensure the continued safety of their patients.

Key Features

  • Compatibility: Designed specifically for use with cura1 compatible SafeTime Falls Monitor, ensuring seamless integration and compatibility.
  • Internal Electronic Clock for Pad Life Monitoring: When connected to a Standard Falls Monitor with SafeTime feature, the clock starts counting, providing accurate information about the pad's usage
  • Non-Allergenic Soft PVC Construction: Ensures patient comfort and reduces the risk of allergic reactions or discomfort.
  • Vent Holes for Moisture Ingress Reduction: Feature vent holes in the neck area to reduce the risk of moisture ingress. This design element helps maintain the integrity of the device and prolong its lifespan.
  • Simple Operation and Maintenance: Designed with simplicity in mind, ensuring easy operation and maintenance for caregivers.
  • Easy to Clean: Materials used in its construction facilitate quick and thorough cleaning, reducing the risk of contamination.
  • Affordable Price: Offering an affordable solution for healthcare facilities and individuals.


  • Length x width: 380 x 255 mm
  • Integrated RJ10 cord


  • Recommended weight range for reliable operation: 30 - 200 kg


  • 90 days (CUR2620)
  • 1 year (CUR2621)


Cura - Wheelchair / Walker Solutions Brochure (264 KB)

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