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Cura1 EzyStand

Cura1 EzyStand

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The Cura1 EzyStand is a height-adjustable stand thoughtfully engineered for seamless integration with the 2721 iBeam. This dynamic duo empowers caregivers by facilitating the effortless deployment of precise motion detection alarms across diverse locations, including beside a bed, in front of a chair, adjacent to doors, or near staircases.

With its magnetic affinity for the 2721 iBeam, the innovative EzyStand significantly enhances the iBeam’s inherent user-friendliness. This synergy culminates in a practical and convenient solution adeptly suited to both professional healthcare settings and home environments. Remarkably sturdy, aesthetically appealing, and adjustable, the stand guarantees the attainment of the perfect height, thus optimiSing its utilisation.


Key Features

  • Offers versatile placement options for meeting specific monitoring needs in different environments.
  • Features a sturdy and attractive design with durability for professional and home use.
  • Suitable for use in hospitals, clinics, nursing homes, and private residences.
  • Enhances ease of use through magnetic attachment to the iBeam (CUR2721 – sold separately), facilitating quick and effortless setup and adjustment.
  • Allows customisation of positioning and angle for optimal motion detection and monitoring, enabling caregivers to deploy targeted motion detection alarms in various positions.


  • Height: 650mm to 885mm (adjustable)
  • Base: PVC
  • Stand: Chrome plated


  • 1 year
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