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Compex Electrode Pack Recovery (10 Bags of Electrodes)

Compex Electrode Pack Recovery (10 Bags of Electrodes)

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This pack includes: 10 Bags of 2 self-adhesive electrodes with 1 Snap connector This pack will help you with your recovery sessions. The large electrodes provide optimal comfort and are ideal for recovery sessions, specially when targeting bigger muscle groups. All Compex Electrodes are reusable and will last around 25-30 sessions, depending on the type of skin and its conditions at the time of application. We recommend you to clean your skin before applying the electrodes. Electrodes are moisture sensitive so avoid applying them on creams, lotions, and sweaty skin. Store them in a dry and cool place. The electrodes are one of the most important parts of your Electric Muscle Stimulation session. Learn more about their maintenance and care HERE. Compatible with COMPEX SP2.0, COMPEX SP4.0, COMPEX SP6.0, COMPEX SP8.0, COMPEX FIT 1.0, COMPEX FIT 3.0, COMPEX FIT 5.0, COMPEX WIRELESS, COMPEX MI-SPORT, COMPEX MI-FITNESS, COMPEX RUNNER, COMPEX VITALITY, COMPEX MI-ENERGY, COMPEX MI-PERFORMANCE, COMPEX FIT, COMPEX ONE, COMPEX FULL FITNESS, COMPEX SPORT ELITE & anciens COMPEX MI-SPORT 500, COMPEX MI-FITNESS TRAINER

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